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As promised, we want to bring top brands to your doorstep. We are happy to announce that the Snail White is now on our shelves!

Namu Life – Snail White is a skin care brand who believes that “Beauty is Healthy“. They are the #1 brand in Thailand and different parts of the world.

Snail White is a brand has products containing snail secretion extracts.
It has natural collagen and elastin, which helps our skin look youthful. Snail secretions is said to improve the look of your skin by reducing fine lines and gives the skin a more healthy and firm look

BPF Shopgate is now acting as a portal for you to achieve these benefits. We are the country’s major distributor. You can get yours starting 1st of January with orders QAR 200 above as free delivery and we are now on promotional rate. Hurry and order now!


  1. It's a great news! This product is rapidly becoming famous in the world. Truly, Thai products are proven to be quality and effective in terms of beauty and health. It is very nice to know that Snail White is now available here in Qatar in an affordable rate. Good job BPF Shopgate! Way to go!!
  2. Good to know Thai products are getting into use around the world and when it comes to Qatar its BPF Shopgate the major distributor of the effective beauty products of Thai that too in affordable prices for all classes. Great work BPF Shopgate, Lots to come!!!
  3. Finally the hottest and famous Thailand skincare products is now available here in Qatar. This snail is a huge thing skincare in many parts of the world right now. It is proven tested and effective. Hurry grab it now!!!!
  4. Snail White is very true to its claim! It helps my skin to look radiant and youthful. I am very much happy to found a legitimate seller of Snail White products here in Qatar. I can assure you that you will get 100% satisfaction guarantee on these products.
  5. Happy to know that Snail White has now distributor here in Qatar! I've been using Snail White for a year now, and it is really effective especially Whipp Soap. I've seen the pricing from BPF Shopgate Website, which is very competitive. Cheaper compared to the other reseller in Social Media. Will surely support BPF Shopgate on this!
  6. Glad to hear that this product is NOW AVAILABLE in Qatar!!!! Thanks to BPF Shopgate for bringing these items as i am a true user of this product. Good job BPF Team!!!
  7. "Key Distributors in Qatar" Introducing multiple products of Snail White to make a difference in Beauty & Skin Care. Namu Life - Snail White is a brand that offers leading products in the Thai market for skin care. The idea that "Beauty is healthy" is part of his philosophy. This innovative creams are designed for all skin types and formulated with snail extract. Thanks to this last ingredient, Snail White products are rich in nutrients, regenerate the skin and stimulate the creation of collagen. A good skin moisturiser, needs renew and rejuvenate the skin, Snail White offers this and much more. With an excellent formula, the cream visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and improves spots or scars.
  8. One of my favorite Snail White product is their Day Cream with SPF 20 PA++. It brightens my skin and gives a healthy glow instantly! I can also really see my skin gets brighter, clearer and more hydrated. Thank you, BPF Shopgate, for bringing this amazing Thai products!
  9. Highly reccomended the snail whitening soap,snail whipp soap,and anti ageing facial cream..everyday i'm using this 3 products of snail its really works my skin become more lighter..😍😍😍
  10. Been buying these products from Thailand and it will take too much time and money to arrange the shipment. Now, it is here in Qatar. One of the best skin care product. Thanks for having this BPF Shopgate!!!
  11. I like the snail white whipp soap, it comes in a mesh bag that makes it easy to lather into foam. I highly recommend the whipp soap, its really good to the skin.
  12. some of my friends been talking about this Snail white, i was curious if its really effective and good for the skin, then so i decided to give it a try. The result was amazing. Snail white serum and whipp soap is the best guys.
  13. maganda sa skin yung snail white lotion nila kahit pa medyo malapot sya, kasi part ng ingredients is yung secretion mismo ng snail. maganda yung result nakakaputi tlga sya.
  14. I am very excited to try this one, it is my first time to try a whip soap. I use this every time i woke up and when i'm going to bed at night. It is like an instant moisturizer for me. It lightens dark areas and even my family notice it.
  15. For the price, I can say it is a bit expensive for a soap. However, after my first use I can totally see the difference! It really makes your skin looks fresh and sort of whiter instantly!
  16. Whipp Soap Helps your skin to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. And we love products that serves not only but multi purpose on our skin! You can feel the luxurious snail essence in just a scrub or two that’s the best thing about this soap.
  17. I love the soap! I’ve gone through more than 10 bars now and I’m addicted to how it smells and feels on my skin! It lathers up real quick and doesn’t melt down too fast.
  18. I have been using this soap for nearly 2months, after seeing good reviews on Youtube. I also watched the video from Kris Aquino (Filipino Celebrity). I really got curious. However, I really couldn't see anything special about this soap, except for the really good, heavenly scent. And that it doesn't dry my skin.
  19. I tried lot of soaps, scrubs, and foams to combat my acne but none worked. When I tried Snail White, that's when the magic began. Literally after washing, my face looked bright and firm— like I had gluta shot and botox! My pimples vanished after consuming a bar of this magic soap. Now I can finally go out without using concealer, thanks to Snailwhite! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  20. Sobrang sulit. I’ve been using this product for 2 months na sa face ko and di pa rin siya ubos. My face feels smooth whenever I use it and it smells good din. I use it in the morning and at night and I’ve noticed good effects naman but it wasn’t that grand.
  21. I love this soap. Using it becomes such an experience because you get to create foam. It feels great on the face and it smells really pleasant. It smells like a clean spa. I would surely repurchase this when I run out because it makes my face feel so clean and soft.
  22. Sobrang effective nitong sabon na to! I have a sensitive skin at sobrang choosy, super dry pa at napaka walang buhay sa totoo lang! At first i just want to try dis, tas wala ng balak bumili ulit pero i think i can buy another one, kasi sobrang ganda niya! Its a moisturizing soap na sobrang nakaka soft pa sa face.
  23. This product surprised me!! I have a very acne prone sensitive skin which was my biggest dilemma when I was deciding to purchase this product because most reviews say it has a scent to it. Surprisingly, it didn't break me out plus it made my skin feel super plump and glowing!!!!
  24. I really have a high expectation on this product as it mostly have good reviews. So when my order arrived I used it right away. I love the smell and the foamy texture.
  25. First i thought it was just a hype, knowing its endorser haha but after almost 2 weeks of using, my officemates noticed that my complexion became lighter. It also gives you that certain glow. I use this on my entire body 😊😊😊 I also love the smell and how moisturizing it feels after bath.
  26. This is by far the pinaka mabangong soap na natry ko ever. It smells soooo gooood. The smell puts me in a really great mood after showering, especially at night.
  27. I've been using whipp soap for 3 weeks now. I became curious about this soap because it was endorsed by Kris Aquino and I also read lots of good comments so I tried using it. I super like this soap compared to all the soaps I've used before.
  28. The whipp soap comes with a soap foaming net inside and i tried using it with the net. I use the soap for my body and it feels soft and moisturized. I would say that the smell is overwhelming, like it will conquer you entire bathroom.
  29. The hype is REAL.... This whipp soap gives a great glow after cleansing and brightens skin. It isnt drying or irritating and I feel it has even lightened my scars.
  30. Actually matagal ko na nakikita ito sa mga online shops. Then nung napanuod ko yung vlog ni Kris Aquino about sa skin care routine niya, naghanap agad ako nito kasi baka effective din siya sa akin. Medyo pricey nga lang siya. But this product really works for me!

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