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Sell your Products on ShopBox:  Get access to our Virtual Store – ShopBox, start your Online Business instantly by displaying your products to on Online Buyers. Just become a Member, Subscribe & become an Online Seller.  

Get a Virtual Store:   A Seller as an Individual, SME, Corporate can create their own Virtual Online Store, by using our Interactive Dashboards, selling online products & services, using secured payment gateways, online buyer’s Outreach. BPF Shopgate provides a fastest and easiest Global Virtual Platform for Sellers to set, start, and doing Online Business Instantly. 

Get your Multiple Virtual Stores:
• A Business Group managing multiple brands can become a Virtual Seller by creating a Virtual Group, showcasing all their brands under one Umbrella.
• Start setting your Group Store, add your brand stores, set your Social Media Links, Add Products, Sales, Promotions.

Create a Virtual Mall: Create your Entire Mall as become a Virtual Mall and optimize your Audience reach
Virtual Online Status.
Multi-Vendor Platform with your Mall Outlets having their own Virtual Outlets.
Logistics, Online Ordering, Local Ordering with GPRS Order tracking as ADD-Ons.
Advertising, Products Promotions, Multimedia, Social Media, Branding as E-Business.

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