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Hello, Freelancers!

We are looking for people who can fill in our Media Team!






  1. I work as a freelance graphic designer in BPF Shopgate and I am very happy working with them. The company drive has always inspires me and gives me a lot of satisfaction and determination to help me grow career wise. Join us if you want to develop and enhance your skills. I'll guarantee that the whole team is very helpful and supportive.
  2. Hello Freelance Graphic Designers and Videographers!! We look forward to see your skills and creativity. We assure you, BPF Shopgate will give you more business opportunities! We have the best media team that will support you. Apply Now!!
  3. A Perfect Platform for Startups & Established Business Entities in Qatar and Abroad to get all E-Business Services in BPFShopgate E-Business Platform. You Name it and We do... Startups can have (A-Z) Solutions from Email Domain/Configuration, Responsive Websites, Business Cards, Company Brochures, Posters, Advertisement tools like Pre-Launching Promotional Videos and strong presence in Social Media. Established Companies can make engagements in both Offline/Online Businesses by using our Design/Digital/Branding/Multimedia Services. "Together we serve Better"
  4. Hi, come and join as freelance Graphic designer and vedeographer, BPF Shopgate is best team that can enhance you and develop your skills. What are you waiting for..Hurry Up!!!
  5. I got the chance to work with BPF Media Team. Rest assured that you will be in a highly professional and approachable team. Come and join us in our future photo/video shoots.
  6. BPF Shopgate is the home of talented and result oriented graphic designers. If you are looking for a place where you can showcase you creativity join our team and experience the world of creativity with BPF Shopgate Graphics Team!
  7. I think this is the great place for talented and creative individuals who want to enhance more their skills and to have an extra income at the same time.
  8. Its a good platform to those who really creative people to work when it comes to their passion eventhough they have their own regular job. Extra income obcourse.
  9. I just heard about this and I am so happy to know that BPF Shopgate is giving this kind of opportunity to our community. This is very helpful to us in finding job. we will no longer need to go everywhere just to find a job that will suit our qualifications. thanks to BPF Shopgate.
  10. I will surely share this to my friends who are into Graphics and Media. Thank you BPF Shopgate for bringing this platform here in Qatar.m This is a blessing to us.
  11. A Perfect Platform for talented and creative individuals who want to enhance more their skills and to have an extra income at the same time. This is a good training ground in order for you to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  12. Be one of us! We are very much excited to welcome you in our team of creative people who would be willing to support you throughout this goal.It is a good opportunity for , photographers and videographers. You can do freelance job and earn extra during your spare time.

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