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Create your Own Store, set your Store Name, place your Social Media Links, website addresses, upload your products and Be in the National Platform of Qatar Online Business

“Qatar’s First E-Commerce Online Platform…”


  1. Do you want to increase the international competitiveness of your products? Are you looking to enter new markets? BPFShopgate is the first online e-commerce platform in Qatar, which has a place reserved for your company. A brand that is not on the Internet, then does not exist in the lives of consumers. Today the purchase decision is online and the sale opportunity remains active for 24 hours. Thanks to our online business platform in Qatar, you can make your products known. We offer the possibility of creating a personalised store with the link to your website, blog and social media profiles. Turn your offline strategy online with BPFShopgate and increase your brand visibility.
  2. I believe this platform will be very helpful not just to stores here in Qatar but also to people who are home bound especially in this generation where people are now more into smart phones, social media, etc. You can operate your store or do shopping any time of the day or night.
  3. BPF Shopgate gave the best opportunity for all sellers who was having a hard time marketing their products online. A vast range of their audience brought sales to sellers. I highly recommend them!!
  4. All types of sellers are welcome to join and sign up here in BPF Shopgate Platform. This is a great opportunity for you. Showcase your products now! :)
  5. This is a great platform to all entrepreneurs who doesn't have their online store and those small individual sellers who cannot afford to have their own store in malls. Too many Kabayans & other nationality are selling in Facebook, now here it is BPF shopgate is offering a great platform to everyone. More power to this Company and continue creating good platform to help others. Cheers!!!!
  6. Shift your business from offlinet to online with the help of BPF Shopgate. Good marketing strategy + good service/product = Sucess Register now!

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