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BPF Shopgate Privacy Policy

Welcome to the BPF Shopgate Website (The Site). We take responsibilities under applicable privacy laws and regulations seriously and is committed to respecting the privacy rights and concerns of all users of the Site. We will only keep your information for as long as we are either required or allowed to by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected. We recognize the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and believe that it is our responsibility to properly manage, protect and process your personal data.

Collection of Personal Information

When you create BPF Shopgate Account, we require you to provide the personal information which includes;

Seller Account

  • Name
  • Delivery Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone/ Mobile Number
  • Shop Name
  • Bank Account Details or Payment Information
  • Other Business Information

Buyer Account

  • Name
  • Delivery Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone/ Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Details or Payment Information (optional)

Submission of these collected personal information will authorize you to use the Site. Should you opted not to submit your personal information, we may not be able to provide or authorize you our services. You may access and update your submitted personal information to us at anytime should you need to.

Should you submit personal information of any third party to us, we assume that you have fully given required consent and authorization of sharing and providing of the relevant third party’s personal information to us.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The collected personal information shall be used or shared for the following purposes:

  • To consider the account registration as a buyer or as a seller.
  • To manage and facilitate the use and access of services provided by the Site.
  • To deliver the purchased products to the right person following the provided personal information on the Site. This personal information will be given to our delivery service provider to send the products to the buyer.
  • Tracking and updating of product delivery to buyer.
  • Financial purposes for online payment transaction and confirmation, especially in case of cancellation of order.
  • BPF Shopgate shall be allowed to disclose personal information particularly in emergency purposes that will affect the seller or the buyer.
  • Customer support purposes.
  • Monitoring of sales/financial performance.
  • For investigation purposes, especially tracking of fraud, or any kind of illegal activities.

Should we find a proof or evidence that an account user is in breach of Terms and Conditions with us, then we reserve the right to disclose user’s personal information in order to pursue our legal procedures or prevent further damage to our Website and others.

Withdrawal of Consent

  • For any objection in using and/ or disclosing of personal information, please email or contact the following:
    Contact Number: +974 4414 3348 / +974 7745 0003 / +974 7745 0008
  • Email Address:
  • Should your objection for use and/or disclosing of personal information be sent and acknowledged, BPF Shopgate may not continue to provide you the access of using our Site and shall be allowed to withdraw consent and terminate contract with you.

Security of Personal Information

  • BPF Shopgate recognizes the importance of security of your personal information and we implement different security measures to ensure state of the art security in our system. User personal data is contained behind security network, software and other technology products to prevent unauthorized system access. Only limited and dedicated employees have special access on the system.
  • We also mandate to securely dispose your personal data when it is no longer needed for any business or legal purpose.
  • Personal information is stored within your registered account, and it is protected with your Password. Updating and changing your information can be done only in your account. We recommend that you do not share your password to anyone. Kindly use a unique letters, numbers and special characters in creating your password. Please take note that your password will not be asked by anyone from our end, may it be through call or email. Should you think that your password is being compromise, take immediate action like updating your password, or else ask us for assistance.


  • This Site use and contents is not intended for minors under applicable law, and we do not intend to sell to minors. Minors can only access the website with the supervision of parent or guardian.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Should this Privacy Policy find insufficient, we reserve the right to modify, update and change at any time. Any changes to this policy will be published on the Site.

BPF Shopgate Help Support

For any concerns/inquiries on the Privacy Policy of this Site, you may contact us on the following details:

Contact Number: +974 4414 3348 / +974 7745 0003 / +974 7745 0008

Email Address:

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