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BPF Shopgate, as the First Qatar based U-Commerce (E-Commerce & E-Business) Online Platform invites Top International Brands to explore the flourishing Qatar Business Market.  Key International Brands (Fashion, Makeup, Retail, Apparels, Shoes, Beauty, Bags, Skincare, Electronics, Perfumes, Jewellery, Sports, any sector) can join BPF Shopgate Online Marketplace by creating their own Online Stores, and have direct access to Qatar Buyer’s Community.

“BPF Shopgate as your Brand Ambassador in Qatar”


  1. it's a very good news that I ternational Products will be available here. I love korean products and I hope that BPF Shopgate will bring them in Qatar, just a suggestion.
  2. Thank you bpfshopgate soon your goin to launch philippine products it help to filipino community in qatar they can buy here in online what they miss the products from philippines.more powers &godbless😍🙏🙏🙏
  3. I've been waiting for this kind of platform. It encouraged me more to acknowledge a lot of products that is made from different part of countries since I love online shopping. Thank you BPFshopgate!
  4. It's very exciting to know that different brands and products from other countries will soon be here in Qatar! I'm looking forward to see more brands here in BPF Shopgate... Nice website btw. :)
  5. "Your Brand Ambassador in Qatar" Does your brand count with brand ambassadors? Do you know that you can improve your image with this strategy? BPFShopgate is the first online platform for U-Commerce (E-Commerce & E-Business) based in Qatar. We want to be the ambassadors of your brand in the country and bring your products and the values of your company to the Qatar business market. Today we have the support of recognised brands in the world in areas such as fashion, cosmetics, women's and men's clothing, fashion accessories, perfumes, jewellery, beauty and health products, electronics, among other sectors. We are passionate about what we do and we want you to be part of Qatar's growing business market. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow with your business and take it beyond the national borders of your country. Selling abroad, internationalising your brand, is much easier nowadays than it ever was before... and BPFShopgate will make it possible.
  6. Wow! This is something to look forward to. Hassle free shopping of international brands that if I order online abroad will take too much shipping charge. Good job BPF Shopgate! 👍🏻
  7. Because of this excellent service that BPF is offering, no need for me to shop here and there to look for my favorite international brands. I got it all at BPF Shopgate.
  8. Bought here a US brand makeup through their online website and I can guarantee that the product I ordered is authentic. I saved a lot on the shipping fee! Very satisfied customer here!
  9. This is the website that I've been looking for, a website that not only limited to just one country. I hope BPF Shopgate will have more and more products from other countries.
  10. Hello International Brands! Do you want to have a market presence in Qatar? Then BPF Shopgate is the right place to go. Be online and offline with our Platform at National level. BPF Shopgate can help and support you in establishing and marketing your brands and products in Qatar. Feel free to contact us!
  11. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow with your business and take it beyond the national borders of your country. Selling abroad, internationally , is much easier nowadays than it ever was before… and BPFShopgate will make it possible.

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