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Last 8th March 2019, Victorinox, in cooperation with H.B.H. Al Mulla & Sons, BPF Shopgate, Outlook Group and Wenger, held a motorcade named VICTORINOX RIDE 2019 that showcases the durability of their watches.

There were 3 groups of over 70 riders who participated in the said event:

Harley Owners Group

The Tribe MC Qatar

Pinoy Harley Riders Qatar

The durability of Victorinox were tested as the Harley Davidson Rider’s wheels went over the watches during the exhibition.

As an ending to the event, the watches that was used on the exhibition were shown to the riders as a proof that it didn’t break despite of being run through by over 70 riders.


  1. On behalf of BPF Shopgate and Outlook Group, I would like to thank HBH AL Mulla & Sons for allowing us to be part of this VIctorinox Ride 2019 event. This was a very great experience and exposure for us. I would like to thank also those who participated on this event, especially the 3 rider groups; Harley Owners Group, The Tribe MC Qatar and Pinoy Harley Riders Qatar. We are looking forward to have more events and experiences with all of you. Together, We Serve Better...
  2. It was really a great event, lots of bikers came and participated. Kudos to the organizers who really did their best to make the event successful. Hoping to see more in the future. Good job & God Bless you all :-)
  3. This was an amazing event. I really enjoyed watching a group of bikers while I was on my to a meeting. It was also surprising that there were Pinoy Riders who participated in the said event. Hope this will not be the last.
  4. It was a great event and exposure to our team. Thank you for all the riders came and participated and to HBH Almulla and Sons for allowing us to part of this event. God Bless.
  5. This was a wonderful opportunity for BPF Shopgate to be a part of this event especially witnessing the collaboration of HBH Al Mulla & Sons and the riders groups - Harley Owners Group, The Tribe MC Qatar and Pinoy Harley Riders Qatar.
  6. Great event by great organizers and sponsors. A one of a kind occasion to all riders here in Qatar. Credits to BPF Shopgate, H.B.H. Al Mulla & Sons, Outlook Group and Wenger for making it possible.
  7. One of the coolest event in Town sponsored by H.B.H Al Mulla & Sons, Wenger, BPF Shopgate & Outlook Group. Looking forward for another one. God Bless everyone!!!
  8. Amazing ride organized by the Amazing organizers. Thanks to Victorinox, H.B.H Al Mulla & Sons, Wenger, BPF Shopgate & Outlook Group. Keep it Up & Ride Safe!!!!
  9. I witness this event last March 08, 2019, there are too many participants from 3 different groups of Riders. I was amazed since i am a big fan of Harley Davidson bikes, got a chance to see those amazing riders with their big bikes.

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